Photograph fof Lindsay Quayle

Hello, I’m Lindsay. I’m a freelance copywriter and editor living in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

For as long as I can remember, books have been my world. Reading and reviewing them. Studying and selling them. Working in the industry that creates them. And more recently, writing for a national charity about the power they have to change lives.

I’m always beavering away on ideas for my own books. But alongside this, I love to bring other people’s books and businesses to life with my flair for writing and top-class editing skills.

What I can offer


Engaging website content, well-crafted blog posts and tailored communications are my bread and butter. I can do short and snappy blurbs and bios or captivating newsletters and long-form content. My goal is to make your book or business shine bigger and brighter than the rest.

Editing & Proofreading

Need an extra pair of eyes on your book, promotional materials or website content before it goes out into the world? My meticulous editing skills have been honed with years of work in the publishing and literacy fields. As well as dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, I’m passionate about giving structure, meaning and consistency of voice to every piece of writing.

Picture Book Development

In my time as a bookseller, a reviewer and an early years specialist at Scottish Book Trust, I’ve read a LOT of picture books. Some fabulous; some less so. I can provide honest feedback on your work and suggest edits to improve your chances of success.

What I can bring

Keen to work with me? Here’s what I can bring to the table:

  • 10+ years work experience in the field of publishing/children’s literature
  • A BA (Hons) English Degree and a Masters in Publishing Studies
  • A diploma in Copywriting (distinction)
  • A diploma in Proofreading and Copy Editing (distinction)
  • Published copy in national press and printed and online publications
  • Recent CMS and web-copy experience
  • Solid content editing and proofreading skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the children’s book market

No project is too small or too large – I’m always happy to talk. Get in touch with me at lindsay@pencilpress.co.uk and let’s take it from there.